HF Kids

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Our HF Kids Mission is to guide children to know Jesus better, love Jesus more deeply, and share Jesus with others.

Children’s Pastor: Veronica Sanchez

Nursery Coordinator: Andrea Stock

Volunteers: An HF Kids Volunteer is at least 18 years or older

Student/Youth Volunteer: A student or youth volunteer ranges from 7th grade to 16 years old

Junior Volunteer: Kids in 4th-5th grade may serve in a ministry alongside an approved volunteer or guardian

All children’s ministry volunteers fill out an application and undergo a criminal background check.

Phone and Social media: HF Kids Volunteers will not take/post any pictures or video of any child on social media without the consent of a parent.
Adult-to-Kid Ratios: HF Kids is dedicated to maintaining safe and relationally appropriate volunteer-to-child ratios to provide the most effective learning experience for children. The following are approved ratio guidelines. (Note: there must always be two volunteers in every room)
INFANTS (Nursery: Birth- 3yrs)– 2 volunteers for every 6 babies
PRE-K( 3yrs-5yrs)— 2 volunteers for every 10-15 kids
Elementary (5yrs- 5th grade)— 2 volunteers for every 15-25 kids
**There will always be at least two volunteers in every room when kids are present. Children are not to be accepted into any ministry area until this requirement is met.
**Volunteers are not permitted to be alone with kids in the bathroom (see bathroom policies for more details)
Visitors: No one other than staff, approved volunteers, or kids are permitted to be in the Children’s Ministry areas during ministry times without pre-approval, a guest pass, and an escort who always stays with the visitors.  
Accidents: In the event of an accident or illness involving a child, or any other issues, parents will be contacted via call or text.

Discipline will always be implemented in a positive, patient, and grace-filled manner that focuses on helping the kids rather than enforcing punishments. When discipline is necessary to ensure a safe and effective environment for everyone, we follow a three-step method:
Redirect— Verbal warning explaining why their behavior is inappropriate
Remove— If redirection is ineffective, it may be necessary to remove them from the situation or activity they are participating in. This ensures they are able to calm down and rejoin service
Refer— If the child does not respond, they are referred to the ministry leader for assistance
**Volunteers will never attempt to physically discipline or belittle a child.

Check-in Procedures: Parents will check in their children at the check-in stations. Each child will be issued a name badge sticker. Parents will have a corresponding sticker to present to volunteers for pick-up.
No one under 12 is permitted to pick up your child. If possible, we request that parents pick up their children.
Bathroom Procedures: Volunteers will wait at the bathroom entrance when accompanying a potty trained child. They will not be permitted to enter unless given express consent by a parent. If any child needs assistance in the restroom, we ask parents inform volunteers of their child’s needs upon drop off. In this case, unless otherwise arranged, parents will be paged to accompany their child to the bathroom.
Diaper Procedures: We ask that parents inform volunteers of any diaper changing preferences that may need to take place with their child. Volunteers are not permitted to administer any creams or ointments to the diaper area for any reason. 

If a child is sick or showing symptoms of any kind, we ask that they remain with a parent so as not to spread infection.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact Pastor Veronica via email: verocama@hotmail.com

Thank you for entrusting us with your children and being part of our church family!

Sunday Mornings


Kid's Pre-K through 5th grade can join us every week in our kids worship center for a service designed specifically for them. Bring them with you to service and we will dismiss them after the first song to go with the leaders.

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